Artist Spotlight: Patrick Grant



Genre Instrumental

Who Are they? An acclaimed New York based composer

Why would you bother? His well impressive bio that mentions collaborations with Quincy Jones and Robert Fripp and his Mike Oldfield style are winners!




Artist Spotlight: Jimi Mack


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Genre Blues

Who Are they? A progressive folk-jazz artist with tinges of psychedelia, currently based in Nottingham, England. More often than not accompanied by percussionist Cameron Worne, his reinvention of the folk-jazz sound of the late sixties and early seventies has received accolades aplenty.

Why would you bother? His intricately layered music is accompanied by thoughtful lyrics and a charismatic voice beyond his years, with comparisons to the likes of John Martyn and Tim Buckley, his left field take on jazz-inspired folk is a joy to behold!



Artist Spotlight: Post Death Soundtrack


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Genre Electronic, Experimental, Post Rock

Who Are they? Post Death Soundtrack is a Canadian outfit consisted of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore, and Jon Ireson. 

Why would you bother? Well, if you are a fan of the darker moments of Mr. Bowie , the experimental soundscapes Trend Resnor creates and all this lot of dark rock poets past decades have given us, Post Death Soundtrack won’t let you down… We are certainly digging their music and it will keep us on feet till we are called to write next week’s piece.




Artist Spotlight: Nina Kotova


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Genre Classical

Who Are they? Nina Kotova is a Russian American cellist. Being a versatile artist she performs both as a soloist with major orchestras and as a chamber musician around the world.

Why would you bother? If you like beautifully delivered classical music, it’s really worth having a look. Nina has taught music in the University of Texas, released a number one album for Philips Classics and her being as beautiful as her playing, she featured on the cover of various publications!