Artist Spotlight: Alicja

Genre RnB

Who Are they? Alicja LeShae is a talented singer that’s currently making a name forherself in the US and slowly expanding to the rest of the world.

Why would you bother? Her lovely voice with its pop and jazz tamperaments (Alicja had training by Beyonce‘s vocal trainer), will win you from the very first notes

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Artist Spotlight: Ejima

Genre RnB

Who Are they? Ejima is a vocal duo comprised of identical twin sisters who prefer to be known by a single name, which means “twin” in the Nigerian Igbo language.

Why would you bother? Just watch the video below and witness for yourself their evident talent and professional standards, it could easily be a song by Rihanna and Drake .They have been spotted on TV One, in independent films, and print ads. They are also heavily involved in philanthropy and community work aimed at helping local children and teens.