Norway phases out FM waves in favour of Digital Radio

Many refer to the year 2017 as to a ‘Start of a Digital Era’ and there’s no turning back, as Norway radio stations can be now found only digitally. A great deal of change and challenges await band promotion companies and advertising agencies.

The web world can now provide alternative ways to reach top hour radio listeners. As a music promotional company our task would be to find these new ways as the United Kingdom is said to be next in line to implement the change alongside with Switzerland and Denmark.

There are two ways of looking at the ‘Great Switch Off’. Recent studies show that people who listen to radio are much loyal to their routine than TV viewers, so media coverage in the country wasn’t entirely positive. Norwegians themselves believe that this complete blackout was a premature decision.

Besides, due to high taxation on cars, the majority of cars in the country are quite old, therefore they will need digital equipment (adaptors) for them which are said to be expensive.

According to the Financial Times, The Government backs up their decision saying that running FM radio was a quite costly process as they had to ensure quality FM coverage in the parts of the landscape covered with hills and high mountains. The politicians say shutting down FM will allow them to save up to 23 million dollars that may be used in more effective ways.

On the bright side, there is a greater chance to invest in new content on digital platforms, as there will be more stations available. It may also be the case that it will be easier to secure spins digitally. It is promised to provide a much better quality of sound.  What is also important, according to the public polls and the statics provided by Radio Today, the young generation is entirely happy with the recent change.

Unsigned promotion companies usually cite digital music distribution services as the most effective as opposite to FM when it comes to Music PR. So we are left to wonder what will a standard band promo kit will include in the future?

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